Children's Bible Class Ministry

Our congregation has a thriving children's bible class program.  Classes are available on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening for children ages 1-18, infants to teenagers.  Each class is instructed by a member of our congregation and lasts about one hour.  Children sing songs, read bible stories, and perform skits as part of their curriculum.  The bible is central to every class and is the primary resource "for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16)."

Sunday Morning Elementary (Spring 2011)

We have been studying the Parable of the Sower in our Sunday morning class.  We are growing plants to illustrate the example of the good rich soil.  The children are so eager to see how much their plants have grown each week.  The children have learned that in order for us to be good soil we have to listen carefully to the word of God and do as it says.

--Angelo & Olivia

Wednesday Night Elementary (Spring 2011)

The children in our pre-school/elementary Wednesday night class have been learning about Old Testament men of faith who obeyed God even in hard times.  Jonah, Noah, Daniel and others who were blessed for the obedience.  We love to sing songs and pray to our awesome and mighty God!

--Judy Turnbough

Wednesday Teen  Class (Spring 2011)

The Wednesday teen class recently finished a series on “Becoming a Christian”, and has now begun a series on relationships and issues surrounding relationships in our society.   The Wednesday class generally has 10 to 12 in attendance and is a positive time of Bible study and interaction.  During the summer, I will be out of pocket on many weeks.  If there is someone who would be willing to co-teach with me this summer, please let me know.



Youth Group (Spring 2011)

The youth group meets most Sunday evenings either at my house or at South Pacific Park.  Our group is very diverse in age.  We start with middle school age and we are having more college age students show up all the time.  Our Sunday evening activities generally have an attendance of 12 to 18 young people.   On the weekend of April 15, we went to the Spiritual Explosion Youth Rally in Albuquerque.  With the help of Leonard and Jennie Mae Romero, we were able to rent a 15 passenger van and take 14 to the rally.  What a wonderful program and encouragement.  We hope to find some other special programs to go to in the future.  A big thanks to Jane and Bea for helping with the preparation of some of the meals recently.  Please be praying for this group and about a number of them becoming Christians.  We have 19 young people who are registered at Camp Blue Haven for 6th session this summer.


Sunday Morning Elementary (Winter 2011)

I have kids age 4 to 8. We have been studying "I am God's Child".   The characteristics of a christian are being kind, friendly, loving, obedient, patient, thankful, content and happy.   We have 1 to 7 kids at a time.

Please being your child to bible class.

--Andy Lou Ulibarri

 Wednesday Night Pre-School (Winter 2011)

The Wednesday night Preschool class has been studying about Jesus.  We learned that we are wonderfully made and that we can grow as Jesus did in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man.

--Judy Turnbough

Sunday Morning Pre-Teens Class (Fall 2010)

We, the preteen class have been learning about the early church. We have learned about: tongues of fire at pentecost; Stephen the first christian martyr; Peter the evangelist; Peter and Dorcus; Peter’s vision; Cornelius and Barnabas.

Delfine Gray and Heather Sandoval

Wednesday Evening Elementary Class (Fall 2010)

It is always a great pleasure to share with all of you the spiritual growth that I have been able to observe in my Wednesday Bible class.  Our children come to class prepared, excited and ready to learn about God.  From the youngest to the oldest, all of them come ready to sing, pray, and study.  This quarter we had the great opportunity to listen to Christian Lujan who asked if he could prepare and share a lesson with our class.  Our children are growing spiritually and are taking leadership roles in class.  The following are notes taken directly from our children as to what they remember learning this quarter.

AnaSophia-I learned Noah and the Ark

BobbyJo-I learned songs and I learned about the Pearl


Elijah-Pray for mom

Aubrey-Learned her favorite song-Roll the Gospel

Elizardo-Jesus up the sky

Noah-I learned about Jesus getting tempted by the devil.  The devil told Jesus to turn this stone to bread, He said I’ll give you all these kingdoms and then he said jump off this cliff and the Angels will save you.

Christian-This week I learned of the three temptations of Jesus Christ and Satan.  I also learned that even Jesus is tempted.  If Jesus can avoid sinning then we can too.  I even brought an entire lesson about “Don’t say things behind other peoples back”.

Marisa-We learned this week about temptation and about helping others

Mia-We learned about the pearl that you can give up everything if they have to and the three temptations to God and the Devil

Jonah-I learned about the three temptations of Jesus

Gabriella-What I have learned in the past nine weeks is about the precious pearl and Satan tempts Jesus.  The precious pearl is about a man selling a pearl and a most expensive peal so the man who wants to buy the pearl sells everything he has and buys the pearl.  Our teacher told us that the pearl was God and the man’s things were like his most precious toy to us.  So she said would you sell your toy for Jesus and God?  I said “Yes sireee!”  Satan tempts Jesus is about Satan tempting Jesus, but Jesus knows the devil is in disguise and Jesus won’t fall for the temptations.

Jennie Mae Romero


Sunday Morning Elementary Class (Fall 2010)

This fall in the combined cradle roll class (1-3yrs) and the early elementary class (4-7yrs) we have being studying 'God loves us.' Within that scope we have focused on how God cares for us, like when He commanded Noah to build an ark, so that Noah & his family would be safe. In class we have our weekly Bible verse, we sing songs, make crafts and talk about how God shows His love all the time. After Thanksgiving, we plan on learning how 'Jesus loves us', and then we will learn about 'People who Love God', like King David.

Angelica Blacketer

Wednesday Evening Teen Class (Fall 2010)

Our teen group has been growing and doing a lot together.  On Wednesday evenings we have an attendance of about 10 young people.  Our Wednesday night class is studying Proverbs and also using a variety of other materials for some variety.  Damon has ordered some new video material that will be interspersed with Proverbs, and we will be doing a study on becoming a christian before long.  On Sunday evenings we have youth group at least two Sunday evenings a month.  We are meeting as often as possible, as fits best with our schedules.  On Sunday evenings we meet at Damon's house and have dinner, followed by a devotional or some other activity. During the summer, we regularly went to South Pacific Park and played basketball or horseshoes and sometimes just played on the equipment and talked.  Because most of the youth group are new to the church, we are working on basic things and learning songs.  During the winter we will be spending our regular time together.  I am looking for youth group activities that we can attend in the spring.  Last spring we went to a youth rally in Albuquerque and had a great time.  We are also looking into some service projects we can do as well.  During the winter we are planning to prepare some meals and take them to the homeless shelter and we will also be Christmas caroling in December.  Come and join us as we serve the Lord.

Damon Waggoner